Meet Muhammad Amin, your Flinders Business ambassador

Flinders Business Ambassador Muhammad Amin


For international student and Flinders Business ambassador, Muhammad Amin, the decision to move from Pakistan to Adelaide was an easy choice.

“I wanted to learn the confidence to stand out in a crowded market,” he says. “In the near future, I want to find a good industry job that will help me prove myself.”

Muhammad hopes to build his international connections while studying his Bachelor of Commerce. It’s a major part of the reason he moved halfway around the world for his education.
“There are a lot of opportunities at Flinders to get industry experience and create connections.”

The journey hasn’t always been easy for Muhammad, with the move presenting its own unique set of challenges.

Making the move to study abroad

Muhammad is following his dreams, and moved from Pakistan to Australia and has been living in Adelaide for almost two years. “Studying abroad can be financially challenging,” he says, however, he knows the opportunity is worth it.

“I’m pushing forward. I know I’m gaining the knowledge to unlock my future.”

His family helped make it possible for him to study abroad initially, and is glad that they, “support me in every step of my life.”

The opportunity to work a part-time job makes all the difference to Muhammad. “I manage to finance schooling with my part-time job,” he says, adding that he feels lucky to have extra, “help from family.”

Muhammad plans on making them proud by using his Bachelor of Commerce to get a good job in a reputable industry. He says, with the right education, “I can polish my abilities and prove myself.”

Landing a good job is not the end goal for Muhammad, who has an entrepreneurial ambition; eventually wants to “do something bigger,” and says that he would, “love to do something which writes my name in history.”

Taking every opportunity

Muhamad is living his success by doing things that are helping him get ahead professionally.

He runs his own YouTube channel, where he advises other international students who are thinking about coming to Australia to study. The goal is to “give inspiration and advice to other international students,” especially those from the Middle East and Asia. His most popular video has over 4,000 views, with many students coming to his channel to learn about job applications or university recommendations.

Additionally, Muhammad has become the top salesperson in his part-time job.

Muhammad has been able to achieve this, even though he, “wasn’t able to speak English fluently,” when he arrived in 2018. He says that even though it is tough sometimes, he knows it’s worth it for quality education, so he wants to encourage other students to study abroad as well.

Why choose Flinders University?

There are many benefits to studying overseas in a country like Australia. Muhammad says it’s important to choose a university with a large population of international students, one that understands the challenges international students face and can offer them support.

Muhammad was drawn to Flinders for this reason and said that he likes how there is a good mix of Australian and international students here. When he started to do more research, he realised that Flinders was the best university for him.

“I chose Flinders for a few reasons,” he says, adding, “the Bedford Park campus is really very impressive.”

“I love the laid-back nature of Flinders and love being in a historical city like Adelaide.”

The Flinders, “ranking and teaching methods,” also appealed to Muhammad, particularly how there are, “a lot of opportunities at Flinders to get industry experience.”

Flinders Business Students

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The university also gives Muhammad enough freedom to explore his passions, such as playing the guitar and socialising. He says that these activities have helped his improve his English quickly, adding that the teachers are, “one of the best things for increasing your skills in communication.”

Most of all, Muhammad likes, “the environment of Flinders Uni,” which gives him, “the confidence to stand out from the crowd.”

For anyone who is thinking about coming to Australia to learn and start their career, Muhammad thinks it’s the right choice. He believes anyone can do it.

“I made the right decision to choose Flinders,” he says. “I would say once you are in, you will find yourself in a better position. You only need to stay motivated, determined and do hard work.”

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