Checking in with Master of Education alumna Nisha Singh

Nisha Singh Flinders Master of Education Alumna


In her home country of Nepal, Flinders’ Master of Education student Nisha Singh has lived in a community cocooned in rigid social values and practices that keep women and poor people far from education. It was her ambition to one day work with these groups to increase their access to quality education and help their personal development.

“The negative impacts of inequality are so prominent in every aspect of human life, but they can be overcome with the help of education, which requires new insights and new education leaders with a broader understanding,” says Nisha. “So, education is the most effective tool for both improving the living conditions of an individual and the socio-economic transformation of society.”

Studying Education at Flinders University

Designed to identify and build on existing leadership strengths and to develop an understanding of the relational and contextual nature of leadership, Flinders Master of Education (Leadership and Management) provided Nisha the tools and training she needed to make a difference.

“I had a considerably long experience in teaching science, but I had no formal degree in the discipline of education. Flinders provided me with foundational disciplinary knowledge and advanced interdisciplinary knowledge; alongside the contextual knowledge and skills required for an emerging education leader.”

Nisha enjoyed her time at Flinders and was involved in many groups across her two years of study. She assisted in the Introductory Academic Program, preparing international students to make the cultural and academic transition, and was a speaker in one of the panel discussions organised by DFAT during the Australian International Education Conference in Hobart, Tasmania.

Career opportunities post-graduation

Nisha was able to achieve her goals of working to benefit people in her country; and is currently working as a knowledge management officer in a leading NGO in Nepal.

“The organisation I am involved with focuses on providing access to schooling for marginalised children in Province 2 in Nepal,” she says. “Since the organisation primarily works under the ‘education’ theme, and in my part of the community; I was quite interested to get involved with this organisation.”

It’s been a dream come true for Nisha, who credits her Flinders degree as an important component in her postgraduate career success.

“Having an Australian degree helped me get my new role immediately – it really helped me stand out among the other applicants,” she says.

Connections and community

The network of connections Nisha made while studying in Australia helped too.

“I sent my resume to one of my senior Australia Awards Alumni and through the network, my resume reached this organisation.”

Nisha’s advice to graduating to students is simple. “Apart from having an excellent academic transcript – concentrate on building professional networks!”

Relevant topics and teaching quality

“Many of the topics I studied during my two years of study at Flinders have been quite helpful. For example, the organisational leadership, management and components of research have helped me tackle complex everyday situations I encounter.”

Five stars in Teacher Education for median salary, learner engagement, learning resources, overall quality of educational experience and teaching quality (postgraduate) The Good Universities Guide 2020

Nisha found the college and staff valued the international student experience, incorporating this into their teaching.

“The lecturers I met at Flinders College of Education, Psychology and Social Work were highly resourced and they valued the presence of international students in the classroom,” explains Nisha. “Almost every lecturer made sure to include the diverse contextual scenario and rich experiences brought into the classroom by the international students. I feel privileged to have an opportunity to be a part of such enriching learning experiences.”

Her advice for prospective international students considering studying overseas?

“Flinders would definitely be a good place to start your international education. I say this because Flinders facilitates an easy transition to university life by providing help and support. I would highly recommend Flinders for international students.”

If you would like to study in Australia and learn more about studying Education at Flinders University, you can browse our courses or enquire with our friendly team here.

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