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Vietnamese Master of Information Technology student Viet Duong Bui was intent on studying at a university with a progressive and modern approach. Having decided he wanted to study IT in Australia, this line of reasoning lead him straight to Flinders University.

“When I did my research, I tried to find younger universities – my thinking was they might have a different approach to new technology and learning,” said Viet of his search for an Australian university. “They have to compete with the big players in the university domain, so would need to be more innovative and strategic.”

This was especially important for Viet as he planned to further his career in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) field.

“I think it is important for my Master of IT. We have to be innovative – which is why I chose Flinders College of Science and Engineering. The facilities are great and their thinking is future focussed.”

Friendly teaching expertise and incredible student support

Viet was thrilled to discover that Flinders lecturers are leaders in their field – and always willing to spend time with students to make sure they understand new concepts and subjects.

“One of the most exciting elements from my studies at Flinders is the lecturers. They are very friendly,” he says. “They are keen on helping all students, but especially international students like me.”

When English is a second or even third language for many students, this thoughtful approach to teaching is both considerate – and vital – for student success.

Flinders Tonsley Campus
Flinders Tonsley Campus

“Sometimes it can be quite hard for me to understand and have a full grasp of what the lecturers are saying,” says Viet. “Practically, and in terms of technology because Information Technology is not my background.” This is aided by accessing his course materials online – which he finds essential for his learning style.

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“Particularly for an international student, English is not my first language but they record all the lectures live so you can go back at your own pace. It’s really helpful for me to rewatch on my own time,” he says.

The Vietnamese student is entirely grateful for this level of engagement his academics offer.

“The lecturers spend time with me, when I need help I make an appointment and they make it easy and very welcoming. They put a lot of time and effort in. I’m grateful.” This extra care means that he is able to stay on top of his studies, even when subjects are challenging.

Amazing teaching facilities for enhanced learning

As well as great teaching staff, Viet finds the Flinders campus facilities enhance his learning – and the beautiful setting means he can enjoy his free time.

“I think the facilities are very open and innovative. I really enjoy The Hub in Bedford Park and its open spaces, like 24-hour access to the library,” he says. “Bedford Park campus is very attractive with the sea view and nature all around you. It’s a beautiful place to study.”

Viet also studies at the Flinders Tonsley campus where the culture of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit helps students to research and explore STEM with cutting-edge facilities.

“Tonsley is a really modern campus and is most advanced in terms of labs, devices, and computer systems. I really enjoy every lecture there.”

Flinders Tonsley Lab
Tonsley Laboratory

Just a few minutes train ride, a 5 minute drive or a very pleasant walk away from the main Bedford Campus; Tonsley is embedded with industry and enterprise.

Along with some of Adelaide’s biggest businesses and globally-recognised organisations such as SAGE, Siemens, ZEISS, SIMEC ZEN Energy, Tesla, Micro-X, Rockwell Automation, as well as TAFE SA and Autism SA, Tonsley is also home to the Flinders Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI) and The Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology.

Flinders’ Tonsley campus is also an incubator for entrepreneurs and future employers who are creating next generation start-ups through the Flinders New Venture Institute.

Practical and collaborative learning

Viet enjoys the practical aspects of his studies. “I find the practical sessions really helpful. I can internalise the theory and put it into practice,” he says. “The tutors and lecturers are there to help me to correct my understanding, and help me to revise what I have learned and actively use it.”

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This practical learning means that Viet will be career-ready when he graduates. “After graduation, I will have the solid foundations and apply what I have learned to gain a management position in the IT industry.”

Flinders University, Adelaide

Advice to prospective Flinders students

For Viet, studying at Flinders and living in Adelaide is an exciting and fresh lifestyle, and he recommends it to anyone who is ready to learn.

“I’m really happy with my decision to study in Adelaide, I have found it to be a great education city. Flinders is an energetic environment. The lecturers are very friendly, most are young and the facilities here are very good. It will empower the ones who want to learn. If you want to learn new things, come to Flinders.”

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