Master of Social Work ‘an experience of a lifetime’ for Blessing

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Nigerian Master of Social Work student Blessing Abu Ogwuche says her Master of Social Work taught her how to speak up. “My degree has prepared me to be a voice to the voiceless, the oppressed, and vulnerable persons in the society,” says Blessing. “And to practice in a way that promotes their empowerment, strength, rights, safety, and wellbeing.”

Growing up in a culture that values strong morals and social inclusion, it’s no surprise the postgraduate social work student is thriving in her degree.

“I am an international student who is originally from a culturally inclined background, which has a strong sense of community and identity.” When choosing her university, shared values in community and support were vital.

Why should international students choose to study with Flinders?

“I chose to study at Flinders University for a few reasons,” says Blessing. “It has always been the right fit for me because of the staff – both academic and non-academic – who are always willing to provide the extra support I need to belong and thrive in my new environment.”

Studying social work in Australia

Blessing was attracted to social work because of the focus on understanding people, and the relationship to their social and cultural environment. “I believe that everyone in the society, irrespective of our diversities and differences in race, religious or cultural belief, age, ability, gender, sexuality or socio-economical class; we all deserve to have a fair go in achieving our life goals”.

Studying social work in Australian society also appealed to the Nigerian student. “The core values of the profession are aimed at working together with people in the community and society at large, to promote respect for every individual in the society, to promote social justice for all, and to work in a way that seeks to promote the integrity of our profession.”

Graduating career-ready with real-world experience

The Flinders Master of Social Work gives students placements in industry; meaning real-world experiences that prepare students for their career after graduation.

Discover more about studying Master of Social Work at Flinders – here.

“During my social work placement, I was exposed to people’s vulnerable experiences and the harsh reality of discrimination in society,” says Blessing. “This has made me more determined to focus on my practice, with the aim of challenging these limiting and oppressive structures and advocate for equity and equality for all.”

Flinders campus culture the ‘perfect environment’

“Flinders University environment is quite a sight to behold,” says Blessing. “It is very much alive in the sense that it bubbles with the beauty of diversity. It shines with people from different cultures and belief systems.”
Citing the lush green surrounds of the Flinders Bedford Park Campus, and serenity created a lasting impression.

“The environment vibrates with calmness and beauty, which is therapeutic in itself and further promotes a healthy and fresh environment that supports learning.”

Flinders Bedford Park Campus Adelaide
Flinders Bedford Park Campus

Advice for prospective international students

“Social work is a profession that helps an individual’s growth through the practice of self-reflection,” says Blessing. “I recommend social work to anyone who dreams to be part of something great – and is also invested in personal growth.”

Blessing has been inspired by her degree to pursue meaningful work

“Going forward, I am committed to being part of a move to facilitate social inclusion, empowerment, social justice, and equality to people in the community.”

Interested in studying at Flinders University? If you are currently offshore, you can start your degree online now – and join us on-campus later. We’ll do everything we can to get our continuing students on-campus as soon as the borders open – you’ll be our priority.

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