Getting to the heart of business with international MBA student, Sahana

MBA student

“My life here couldn’t be better…The city is filled with warm-hearted people and is very welcoming to international students.”

For Sahana Srinivas, Adelaide felt not only like a great study destination, but a place that would help set her on a path to success.

After thorough research and seeking advice from friends on their own overseas university journeys, plus the draw of the country’s rich multiculturalism, exceptional education options and ample career opportunities, Sahana made the move from her home in India to study in Adelaide, Australia.

After gaining postgraduate qualifications, Sahana was eager to find a university in Australia that would help her achieve her specific career goals and make professional connections. This led her to Flinders in Adelaide – a city renowned as an innovative business hub.

“I selected the Flinders University Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) programme as I felt it would give me a head start on a wide range of opportunities.”

But, along with meeting her academic needs, Flinders was able to provide Sahana with the diverse, welcoming community that drew her to Australia in the first instance.

“Flinders has a fantastic population of overseas students. I got to know and interact with students from all around the world…and learn about their fascinating cultures. I consider myself really fortunate to be surrounded by my international friends at Flinders, and the community here is incredibly supportive of one another.”

Students at Flinders Bedford Park
Flinders International students enjoying Orientation week

Why study a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Flinders?

MBA graduates need to be able to successfully navigate industries 4.0 and 5.0, adapting to increasing digitisation and working alongside robots and smart machines. So, Flinders’ MBA courses are shaped and led by respected industry leaders, with workplace experience integral to all learnings. This means you’ll be able to launch your career – from anywhere in the world! – with future-ready skills and a strong professional network around you.

For Sahana, the ability to specialise in her chosen field of Human Resource Management was the perfect addition.

“Flinders provides top-notch, useful business courses that are tailored to each student’s individual needs and objectives.” shares Sahana.

“My course helps in building foundational leadership, management, and business skills, combined with core people management skills in areas like unconscious bias. It will broaden my knowledge in industry research and development, as well as provide industry-specific practical training. I am confident this course will help me gain the experience needed to become a successful leader.”

Outside of her studies, Sahana has taken advantage of opportunities to start making connections with her peers and potential future employers.

“I have joined the Flinders Business Students’ Association to network with other business students and to grow professionally. Being a member of the team has allowed me to collaborate with like-minded individuals and network with industry leaders.”

Sahana is also looking forward to Flinders new city campus, Festival Plaza, opening in Semester 1, 2024 where Business students can undertake their studies alongside industry and undertake placements throughout their degree.

Flinders new city campus, Festival Plaza
Sahana at Flinders new city campus, Festival Plaza

A circle of support

The international student journey can be daunting, but Sahana has found support throughout the Flinders community. From academic staff to friends made in student clubs, there’s always help available.

“[Learning from] my topic coordinators is one of the most memorable Flinders experiences I’ve had. A number of them have offered extra assistance before and after class. This has individually improved my understanding of the subject’s concepts, and professors have also supplied advice regarding my professional path.”

Sahana encourages new international students to make the most of this support as you step outside of your comfort zone.

“It is very important to seek help while you are trying something new. Flinders offers assistance to students in many forms. Join a club to get the full university experience and you’re bound to make friends in the process. If you are having trouble getting a job, get in touch with CareerHub. They offer excellent workshops, networking events, resources and one-on-one consultation.”

Looking to the future

With skills across business, marketing, financial management, leadership, people management and economics, MBA graduates can enjoy a multitude of roles across an enormous range of industries. Sahana found her specific passion early, and has been able to channel everything into meeting her goals.

“I love working with and for people, which is one of the reasons why I chose Human Resources as my major. I look forward to exploring and working in different and challenging roles in HR,” she shares.

“The HR department is a pivotal part of any business. It is really pleasant to be able to positively impact the organisation by responding to what is occurring in the business and the marketplace, being adaptable in your approach, and developing smart and original ideas.”

Interested in pursuing a career in Business like Sahana? Explore the new way to MBA at Flinders!

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