Engineering a better world with Yashwant

Flinders Engineering Student

“There’s a famous quote by Mark Strand – ‘The future is always beginning now.’ Arriving at Flinders University, I felt this quote by heart. It marked the beginning of my future.”

For Yashwant, engineering isn’t just his calling, but a way for him to make an impact on the world.

“Keeping in view the concurrent demand and need of mechanical engineers globally, and the fact that engineers hold the significant potential to change and develop life on Earth, I decided to take this path for a better future and to make this world a better place.”

With Flinders ranked number one in South Australia for full-time employment, learning resources and overall educational experience in Engineering*, complemented by a focus on innovation, world-class research facilities and state-of-the-art labs, Yashwant knew immediately which university was for him when deciding to travel from Pakistan for an Australian education experience. 

Plus, Yashwant already had his academic excellence recognised, receiving the Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship before commencing his first semester studying the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) at Flinders. 

Inside Flinders' Tonsley Labs
Inside Flinders’ Tonsley Labs

Why study Engineering at Flinders?

With high demand for engineers worldwide, and an industry that is always developing and modernising, Engineering graduates must have specialist knowledge and integrated skills, along with relevant workplace experience. 

“The most inspiring thing about this field is the practical and professional work involved that develops one’s theoretical approach to systems. An individual can learn to modify and evolve the existing engineering systems, while innovating some new ones for the future.”

At Flinders, Engineering degrees are offered in close collaboration with industry, ensuring the most up-to-date learnings, and nationally recognised integrated work placement gives students practical industry experience.

“Learning at Flinders is incomparable. The way lecturers convey topic materials is excellent. This is because they not only concentrate on delivering the topic knowledge, but they also  ensure that everyone grasps the knowledge and understands why the topic is necessary to study. Along with this, the tutor also tells us how we can relate the topic material in our real-life and how we can implement it,” Yashwant shares.

“Showing all the demonstrations during class, making you think and work professionally, developing workplace skills and getting your hands involved in practical work, my topic is broadening my ideas and enabling me to grow in every aspect of life.”

Settling into Adelaide on a student budget

While initially drawn to Adelaide’s renowned and respected education sector, Yashwant is now experiencing life in one of the world’s most liveable cities

“Aside from education, life in Adelaide is really satisfying and rewarding.”

In particular, Adelaide’s lower cost of living means that Yashwant can get the most from his time here.

“I can easily live a happier and healthier life considering the very reasonable rates of grocery items at supermarkets and unbelievably cheap and feasible transportation systems.”

With his budget well under control, Yashwant uses his free time to explore the city – particularly the bustling food and drinks scene.

“Countless restaurants of every taste and variety are found in Adelaide, from Indian and Pakistani cuisine to Chinese and Italian. The sightseeing spots are incredible here, too, ranging from beautiful beaches to breath-taking waterfalls and mountains.”


Students at Flinders Tonsley campus
Students at Flinders Tonsley campus

Life on campus

“I still remember when I was selecting the university for my higher studies abroad. I not only chose Flinders for its renowned name and fame in research and education but also because of its incredible infrastructure,” Yashwant shares. “The library, specifically, is magnificent!”

Every student is productive in a different learning environment, an aspect of the study experience Yashwant has found Flinders accommodates with its excellent facilities and learning areas. 

“Study spaces are available everywhere in the university. Whether it be an open-air area near a coffee shop or a warm study space inside a library, one can study individually with no distractions at all or one can also come up with groups to sit and discuss and research about topics with classmates.”

Finding your community 

Moving to a new country can be intimidating, but Yashwant had his expectations met with the warm and welcoming Flinders student body in Adelaide, Australia. 

“What Flinders said to me about the international student community before my admission is exactly what I found here.”

For incoming students, Yashwant encourages meeting new peers and staff members regularly, thereby building your network.

“The rich diversity at Flinders will connect you with like-minded people.”

Interested in pursuing a career in Engineering like Yashwant? Help build a better world with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) at Flinders. Find out more here. 


*The Good Universities Guides 2023 (undergraduate), public SA-founded universities only
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