Building a foundation for the future with Flinders University Academy

The Flinders University Academy has played a significant role in equipping me with the necessary skills and knowledge required for success…

After hearing about Flinders University Academy and conducting her own research, Carla decided it was the best pathway option to help her achieve her career goals.

“Applying to Flinders Academy was a straightforward process, involving clear steps on the letter offer. While I had a few clarifications, the team quickly addressed my inquiries, contributing to a smooth and efficient process”.

Through the academy, Carla studied the Pre Masters Business Program, which equipped her with skills in key business subjects to help transition into her destination degree after 7 weeks of study.

Carla credits the support she received from the Academy team, which helped her gain confidence in areas such as writing and public speaking. The team also provided a safe space for Carla during times of struggle, offering words of encouragement and empowering her when she was having trouble adjusting to a new country.

Why choose Flinders University Academy?

For those who do not meet entry requirements for their desired degree, Flinders University Academy provides a direct pathway into your destination degree of choice. Although students like Carla study through Flinders University Academy, they still get to enjoy the vibrant and picturesque campus experience that truly sets Flinders apart.

“Life on campus for Flinders Academy students is radiant and engaging. The study spaces are very impressive; they are accessible, not very crowded, and exude an inspiring atmosphere that encourages dedicated studying and completing assessments.”

As well as being part of the Flinders community from day one, Flinders University Academy students will share the same learning outcomes, preparing them for a smooth transition into their chosen destination degree.

“The topics served as an excellent introduction for those without a background and a great refresher for those with one. The close-knit community we formed held immense significance, teaching us networking skills, cross-cultural connections, and meaningful relationships.”

Through her studies at Flinders University Academy, Carla has learned to work collaboratively on a global scale and believes this will help her thrive in her professional growth and future success.

Flinders University Academy at Bedford Park Campus

A balanced and serene lifestyle

When deciding on a study destination to make her dreams a reality, Carla chose Adelaide due to its reputation for quality education and vibrant lifestyle.

“What I have appreciated the most about life in Adelaide is the balanced mix of a serene environment, friendly locals, and diverse cultural experiences”.

She has loved taking on the role of tourist and exploring all of the hidden gems around South Australia. While she likes to discover new things to do, her absolute favourite thing about Adelaide are the natural wonders.

“The sunsets here are something else…they are absolutely stunning”.

South Port Beach Sunset

Pathway to the present, and the future

Now pursuing a Master of Accounting, Carla aims to develop her career and take on a leadership role within an international organisation, utilising the global perspective and understanding she has gained through her studies at the Academy.

Carla believes that joining the Academy’s pathway program has boosted her success not only in her current degree but also in her future endeavours. With solid business foundations and practical experience under her belt, she feels ready to tackle the challenges of the real-world.

“Although pursuing a master’s can be challenging, the solid knowledge foundation, boosted confidence and advanced familiarity provided by the Academy will significantly contribute to your success”.

Begin your journey to your dream degree at Flinders like Carla. Explore the Pre Masters Business Program and other pathway opportunities here.

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