Exploring a global perspective in media with Kavindra

“Flinders doesn’t just teach; it ignites your passion, preparing you to craft compelling narratives that transcend borders. Your time here isn’t just an education; it’s a transformative adventure…”

Originally from Sri Lanka, Kavindra began his journey at Flinders University after being awarded the coveted Vice-Chancellor Scholarship in 2023, recognising him for his incredible academic and personal achievements.  Currently in his second year, Kavindra is studying the Master of Media and Communication, which combines theory and hands-on skills to prepare him for a dynamic career in media.

“This field excites me because it offers a powerful medium for storytelling and creative expression. I’m drawn to the ability to blend technical expertise with artistic vision to craft compelling narratives that captivate audiences,” he says.

As well as covering several key topics to help prepare him for a career in media, Kavindra credits his studies for providing a global perspective and incorporating the cultural, social, and political impacts of media worldwide.

A transformative adventure

In choosing Flinders as his ideal study destination, Kavindra was driven by factors such as its strong reputation for media studies, faculty expertise, research opportunities, supportive community, industry, and more. Most importantly, Flinders offered a perfectly tailored pathway that aligned with his career objectives.

“The emphasis on hands-on learning and research opportunities, coupled with innovative teaching methods, provided a dynamic and forward-thinking environment that resonated with my learning preferences,” he says.

For Kavindra, a positive and supportive student experience was also key to his decision, and he was instantly attracted to the welcoming environment Flinders offers. Flinders International Student Services (ISS) offers meet and greet services, support with transitioning to life in Australia, and provides an inclusive student life with several culture and community events across the year to partake in.

“The cultural diversity within the student body not only broadened my horizons but also enriched my academic and social experiences. Engaging in various cultural events and exchange programs allowed me to share my background while learning from others, creating lasting friendships and a sense of belonging.”

Outside of the vibrant student community and dedicated support services offered by the university, Kavindra was impressed by the academic support provided by lecturers and teachers within his course. This support is enhanced by the smaller class sizes, facilitating personalised interactions and a more engaging atmosphere.

“I’ve found the academic environment to be incredibly supportive, with lecturers who are not only knowledgeable but also genuinely invested in our success. The accessibility of the faculty has been a standout feature, making it easy to seek guidance and clarification when needed.”

Flinders Bedford Park Campus

Serene student life

The surrounding environment can also play a pivotal role in shaping a student’s overall university experience. Flinders is renowned for its picturesque and modern campuses that offer students innovative learning spaces and pristine facilities.

“The grounds at Flinders Bedford Park campus are characterised by a harmonious blend of nature and modern architecture. Specifically, the physical aspects that have notably enhanced my time at Flinders include the innovative learning spaces within the Student Hub, such as collaborative work areas and technology-equipped rooms,” he says.

In conjunction with selecting Flinders as his university, Kavindra was also drawn to Adelaide as a major city due to its affordability compared to other Australian cities, educational institutions, convenient transportation, vibrant cultural hub, and serene surroundings.

“One of the highlights of living in Adelaide has been its proximity to stunning beaches. The availability of beautiful coastal areas like Glenelg and Henley Beach has provided me with serene and picturesque spots for relaxation and leisure activities.”

Embarking on an impactful journey

Excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, Kavindra feels confident in the solid foundations laid at Flinders that will continue to empower him to achieve his career goals.

“The interdisciplinary approach to learning, emphasis on practical application, and exposure to industry insights have significantly broadened my perspective, arming me with the tools to navigate real-world challenges in the field.”

With a particular passion for video production, content creation, and digital media management, Kavindra is hoping to leverage his studies in media and communication to thrive and create a sustainable career within these fields. With the desire to continuously learn and contribute to projects that resonate globally, Kavindra has big dreams for a future in media.

“I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and confident that the solid foundation laid at Flinders University will empower me to realise my dream of establishing a successful and fulfilling media production company within the next five years.”

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