True crime, real impact. Choosing a pathway to intelligence with Abigail.

Abigail Jyothika

 “Discovering the diverse pathways available to pursue higher education has been eye-opening for me.”

It all began during her childhood in Adelaide, where the influence of Abigail’s mother, an alumna of Flinders University, sparked her interest in studying right here in the heart of Bedford Park campus. For Abigail, her first step into the university journey was through the Flinders University Academy International Foundation Studies Program.

“The foundation program provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills such as public speaking and referencing that continue to benefit me daily in my current studies,” she says.

For Abigail, navigating the application process was refreshingly straightforward by working closely with her local agent and the University.

“As Orientation Week drew near, I ensured all my affairs were in order – everything worked out so well in the end.”

From receiving the offer letter to making the necessary preparations before her departure, she followed each step diligently – which led to a smooth transition to starting her life as an international student in Adelaide.

Oceans away from home

Flinders Bedford Park Campus Adelaide
Flinders Bedford Park Campus.

Studying at Flinders has meant that Abigail is far away from her home in Singapore. Yet, amidst the distance, the familiar faces on campus offer her a sense of comfort and belonging.

She finds that embracing a different perspective has also been instrumental in navigating all kinds of challenging situations.

“Studying as an international student may not be easy, but it is a beautiful journey that I’m grateful to experience,” she says.

Abigail attributes her resilience to the care and support she has received from the Academy.

“I have had so much support from the academy, from navigating fee payments to scholarship options, they truly do their best to help international students.”

A future career in intelligence  

Currently immersed in her first year in the Bachelor of Criminology, each day brings Abigail closer to realising her ambitions in the intelligence field. Crafted with industry leaders, this future-focused curriculum is the perfect course for Abigail’s passion for uncovering criminal minds.

Abigail’s journey to her degree began with the Academy’s Foundation Studies program, which provided her with the foundational knowledge and academic skills essential for success in the course.

When asked about her future plans, she expressed her ambition to be in public service, then land in the field of intelligence as she gains experience.

“I aspire to contribute to the police force and eventually ascend to an agency role,” she says.

Studying at Flinders University Academy

Students in Flinders University Academy.
Flinders University Academy students.

The Academy is the gateway to a promising future, making it a compelling alternative in pursuing desired degrees for students who don’t initially meet the academic requirements of their course.

Interested in studying with Flinders University Academy? Explore the pathway opportunities and begin your journey to South Australia’s No. 1 university for overall quality of education experience1.

1The Good Universities Guide 2023 – overall quality of education experience (postgraduate), public SA-founded universities only

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