Kyle Whenan Week 2, Working and exploring Washington DC

We are all now in our second week in Washington, and quickly adapting to the weather changes since leaving the middle of summer. I have settled into my office, and met most people.  I have been assigned two legislative workers who I will be coordinating with in my time here and on my major paper. We have spent our spare time exploring all of the amazing Smithsonian museums, taking in all of the architecture and trying so much food! Having been an American politics nerd for a long time, seeing so many amazing monuments in person is still something I am pinching myself about and absolutely loving.

In my couple of weeks in the office, I have been answering phone calls from constituents in Oregon (some of whom are very surprised and confused by having their phone calls answered by an intern from Australia), set up the newspapers for the day, drafted and amended constituent letters, and attended several meetings with constituents and lobby groups from Oregon. It really is something going from reading about lobby groups and their presence in the United States to seeing up close and personal how they work when they interact with congressional and senate offices. I am absolutely loving my time so far!


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