Which jobs can I get with an Applied Linguistics major? 

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Ever wondered which jobs you can get into with an Applied Linguistics major? Whether you are interested in working in advertising, foreign affairs or teaching – this major will provide you with valuable knowledge.  

Applied Linguistics is a versatile and practical major which utilises a variety of skill sets. It is also a pathway into a wide range of possible and exciting careers involving language, from language teaching and translation to digital copywriting and academic research. As work is now increasingly conducted online, the ability to create effective and accurate online content is a highly sought-after skill in our current era.


What exactly do you study in Applied Linguistics?

Communication shapes our everyday lives. With globalisation on the rise, the way we communicate with others is becoming increasingly important, no matter whether you are looking to work within Australia or overseas.  

A successful Aussie advertisement may not have the same impact in Japan or Brazil. Why is that though? How did the ad come across in a different cultural context? Could somebody in multi-cultural Australia even have been offended? 

In an Applied Linguistics major, you’ll learn how languages are structured, how we learn second or foreign languages, subliminal messaging in different cultures, cross-cultural communication or simply how to best get your point across within your own culture. 


Top Applied Linguistics jobs  

1. Foreign Language Teacher 

Foreign language teachers assist students in learning a foreign language from beginner levels through to conversational levels of fluency. A foreign language teacher must be fluent in the language(s) to be taught. 

2. Lexicographer 

Lexicographers monitor and record developments in a language in order to write, compile and edit both online and printed dictionaries. 

3. Public Relations Officer

Public Relations Officers build and manage relationships between organisations, companies and the public. They assist with company branding and respond to enquiries from both the public and the media, and they also organise interviews. 

4. Publishing Copyeditor/Proofreader

Copyeditors read and revise content from a variety of sources. They critically evaluate copy to determine if the written words convey an appropriate message for a particular audience or brand. They also check written copy for mistakes such as grammar mistakes, misused and misspelled words and formatting errors. 

 5. Teaching Assistant  

Teaching assistants assist in teaching children who may need extra support in class. This can also include working with children with special educational needs, and who may need extra support, that a teacher cannot always accommodate in a regular class. 


Top niche Applied Linguistics jobs  

 1. Academic Researcher  

Academic researchers are responsible for conducting studies into various different aspects of life, with the eventual aim of developing a more in-depth knowledge of the subject area. Applied linguists typically focus on areas that concern human language. 

 2. Digital Copywriter  

A digital copywriter produces written content for web pages and typically works either in an employed position or as a freelancer. They aim to engage readers and motivate them to do something, such as buying a product or service. 

 3. Editorial Assistant  

An Editorial Assistant provides administrative support to an editorial team throughout the editorial process from receiving manuscripts and initial communications with authors to the final publication of an article or manuscript. 

 4. Social Researcher  

Social researchers conduct research projects which investigate social issues and then report the findings through publication of the results. A social researcher uses a variety of research methods to gather information, including questionnaire surveys and focus group interviews. 

5. Translator  

Translators are required to accurately convey the meaning of written words from one language into another. Translators most often work with business, technical, legal and scientific written materials, including the translation of letters, reports, articles and books. 

6. Interpreter  

Interpreters are required to accurately convey the meaning of oral words from one language into another in order to facilitate oral communication between two parties, who might otherwise be unable to understand each other. Interpreters most often work as a medical, conference, business, guide, legal, community, or sign language interpreter. 

7. Foreign Language Consultant 

Foreign language consultants are required for facilitating written or spoken communication in English or a foreign language through a number of language services including editing, translating, interpreting, and much more. A foreign language consultant typically works in one of the following settings: cultural, political, business or non-governmental. 


Dive into a linguistics career 

As you can see Applied Linguistics is not only useful if you want to communicate in a foreign language or live abroad. It’s great for anyone wanting to improve their communication skills and understand why we understand things the way we do. 

Combine your Applied Linguistics with a major like Creative Writing, Indonesian, International Relations or Sociology and you’ll be lightyears ahead of your competition. 

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