Library catalogue unavailable during upgrade.


This event has taken place

Please note that the Library Catalogue will be undergoing an upgrade this Monday, 11th July, starting in the early hours of the morning.

During the upgrade, there will be no access to the catalogue, but you can use our Backup Catalogue to search for call numbers and locate items on the library shelves.

We are expecting normal service will be resumed sometime the following afternoon, Tuesday 12th.

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8 thoughts on “Library catalogue unavailable during upgrade.

  1. Has the upgrade started early? The Library Catalogue won’t load today (Sun 10 July).

  2. The Library Catalogue should still be searchable today (Sunday). Are you trying from on or off-campus?

  3. Off-campus. Have tried different browsers, emptying cache, etc but it won’t load. Just keeps timing out.

  4. I’ve found (trying from off-campus) that neither the catalogue nor databases requiring connect via native interface are working – eg Medline, MD Consult etc Are there alternative routes for using these online databases? thanks.

  5. Thanks for letting us know, Melanie and Dallas,
    There may still be some services affected by the planned network outage that occurred yesterday – we will follow this up.

    The library catalogue seems to be working off-campus in both Mozilla, Safari and Internet Explorer. However, there do appear to be issues connecting to databases, which we are investigating.

  6. Has the catalogue upgrade been completed and is the new version available? If I try to access the catalogue via the link on the main library page (under ‘Finding’) it comes up with the message saying it is unavailable, but if I go via My Record it appears I can search the catalogue in the usual way, although I can’t be sure if this is the ‘correct’ version.

  7. Melanie, The system has been back since mid morning on Tuesday, a few hours earlier than anticipated.
    If you hold shift and click reload I suspect it will work for you.

  8. I had refreshed the page a few times with the same result, but I notice the particular link I referred to has been updated now. Thanks.

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