Featured Database: SPORTDiscus

With coverage dating back to 1892, SPORTDiscus is a full-text database of literature for sports and sports medicine research. It includes millions of records from leading […]

Featured Database: ERIC

With content from 1966 onward, the ERIC database by ProQuest has been sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education to provide extensive access to education-related literature. […]

Featured Database: AusStage

AusStage is an event database of Australian live performance. It offers an accessible record of Australian performance and a unique window to the nation’s cultural vitality, […]

Featured Database: Artstor

From cave paintings to photojournalism, ancient Rome to modern China and architecture to performance art.  The Artstor Digital Library is a comprehensive image database of 2 million images from 300 […]

Featured Database: Filmakers Library Online

Filmakers Library Online distributes issues-based, award-winning documentaries with relevance across the curriculum: race, gender, human rights, globalisation and global studies, multiculturalism, international relations, criminal justice, the […]

Featured Database: BioMed Central (BMC)

BioMed Central (BMC) is an open access STEM publisher with a large portfolio of peer-reviewed journals spanning all areas of biology, science, technology, engineering, medicine, and […]

Featured Database: SciFinder-n

SciFinder-n is the new generation of SciFinder, a product of the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS; a division of the American Chemical Society). It provides a “comprehensive […]

Featured Database: Eldis

Eldis delivers “free access to relevant, up-to-date and diverse research on international development issues,” including more than 50,000 summaries and free links to full-text research and policy documents. […]