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Some recent suggestions & feedback we have received are:

“It would be nice if staff could perhaps do a round to remind students that they are in a “Quiet Study Area”. I always use one of these areas to study & I am constantly putting up with people talking to other students and on their mobile phones, despite clear signage. It is extremely frustrating.

The library responds:

Thanks for letting us know. Library and security staff do conduct ‘walkarounds’ of the library on a regular basis each day and monitor noise levels, etc. With the addition of new signage indicating noise zones, we have noticed an increase in positive student feedback about finding a quiet place to study. However this is something that we regularly monitor and we welcome student feedback.

“Organising the Student Learning Centre in the Library here at Sturt is highly appreciated.  Very good, well done! It’s very helpful to have them here.”

The library responds:

We are glad that you are finding the Student Learning Centre useful in the Sturt Library.  We are pleased to say that due to demand, the Student Learning Centre has increased the hours they are available at Sturt. In Semester 2, the SLC will be open on Thursday 9am – 10:30am & 2pm – 4pm and Friday 1pm – 3pm.

“I salute the librarians for doing a great job and smiling. You’re doing us a massive favour and you do things to help us learn and save us some time to do our work: homework, essays and reading.  So thank you very much!”

The library responds:

Thanks for your appreciation!

We welcome your feedback! To send us a suggestion or comment about the library, you can:

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