The Humanitarian Communications Challenge

Fridays at the Library presents “Paul Gardner-Stephen -The Humanitarian Communications Challenge”

3.30pm Friday 2 May 2014, Noel Stockdale Room, Central Library.

Communication is vital in every facet of modern life. This makes it all the more critical to find ways to sustain and enable communications during disasters of all kinds. Paul will talk about his work on enabling mobile phones to operate in the absence of phone towers, and the technical, social and political challenges that such an effort faces.

Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen is a Shuttleworth Telecommunications Fellow and Flinders University Rural, Remote and Humanitarian Telecommunications Research Fellow. As a leader of Serval Project he is well known in open-source and humanitarian technology circles for his work on enabling people to communicate securely during disasters and other difficult situations.

Light refreshments served.

Admission free, no bookings required. Enquiries 8201 3069 or

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