Open Access Week 2015

OpenAccess Make it ‘Open’: spread the word!

Flinders University supports Open Access through the Flinders Academic Commons. If you’re looking to publish your research findings, think ‘Open’ and talk to the eResearch team at

Looking to publish your research findings? Maybe make a name for yourself in your field of expertise? Think ‘Open’! Open Access is the way to go to make your research and datasets freely available without passwords or paywalls – so everybody gets to see it, fair and square.

This means…

  • Greater exposure for your work
  • Higher citation rates
  • Practitioners can apply your findings
  • Possible collaborators can link up with you
  • No more reinventing the wheel

Plus, if you place your work in the Flinders Academic Commons…

  • Your work is more easily found by Google and Google Scholar, ranking higher in search results
  • Your work is given a permanent URL, which you can disseminate easily through social media, add to your publications list or bibliographies
  • Your work is securely archived for the long term

So think ‘Open’ and talk to the eResearch team at today.

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