3D Virtual Dissection table now available at Flinders Medical Library


Flinders Medical Library is now home every weekend to an interactive 3D virtual dissection table. Anatomage tables are anatomy visualisation systems that use high-resolution touch-screen technology to enable digital autopsies without a cadaver.


The interactive human sized table replicates in the finest detail the human body allowing medical students to digitally peel back the layers of the human body. The table contains images of full male and female gross anatomy and features a magnitude of possible settings. This includes radiological images, multiple pathologies as well as 4D images that allow users to visualise beating hearts and respiration.


The Anatomage table is now available to book and use in the Medical Library every weekend. However, only Flinders medical students who have undertaken a short familiarisation session are able to use the table in the library. The training is provided by other medical students within the School of Medicine. Once training is complete, students can book the table to use in the Library at the weekend via the calcium equipment booking system.


If you are a medical student interested booking an anatomage training session contact christine.barry@flinders.edu.au (School of Medicine and Health Sciences) or Jessica.tyndall@flinders.edu.au (Medical Librarian).


Photo courtesy of Grant Smyth, Flinders University
Photo courtesy of Grant Smyth, Flinders University




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