Automatic Renewal Increase

In response to feedback the Library will be extended the number of automatic renewals available for items on loan.

When borrowing an item from the library, most items are lent for an initial loan period (7 or 28 days).

The maximum loan period has now been doubled to

  • 280 days maximum loan for 28 day items
  • 70 days maximum loan for 7 day items

This will mean that if no requests are made on your item, up to 10 automatic renewals may occur before you need to return the item to the library.

You will receive a monthly loan summary email providing a snap shot of all items you have on loan. You can also keep track of your loans anytime by logging into MyAccount on the library homepage.

Once the maximum loan period has been reached you will receive a courtesy email notice 2 days prior to the final due date when you will need to return that item to the Library.

Note that all automatic renewals will be prevented if there is a pending request or recall for an item. You will be notified by email if another borrower places a request for an item that you have on loan.

Library users are encouraged to place a request on any item they wish to borrow that is currently on loan to someone else. This will prevent any further automatic renewals.

Note that 2 hour loans and some specialist collections do not automatically renew.

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