Featured Database: IBISWorld

Image: https://my.ibisworld.com/au/en/company-reports/home [Screenshot; accessed June 10, 2020].
IBISWorld offers researchers, staff and students a wealth of information on the Australian economy. Through Flinders University, users can access a variety of up-to-date IBISWorld products, including more than 500 Australian industry reports, 150 Australian specialised reports, over 200 business environment reports, 2000 Australian and New Zealand company reports, and more than 500 risk rating reports.

“While a business can control many factors influencing its operations, all companies are sensitive to external trends that managers cannot control directly.”

“IBISWorld’s industry intelligence can assist companies in making better business decisions about revenue generation, strategic positioning, investment risks and more. Our industry data and analysis provide managers with an instant understanding of thousands of industries as well as thousands of product and service segments.”

To get you started, IBISWorld provides an introductory overview, and you can check out product tutorials to learn more.

Click here to access IBISWorld.

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