Introducing Libraries SA Digital

For Leisure, For Life, For Learning

Flinders University Library is pleased to promote a selection of digital leisure, wellbeing and career resources purchased and curated the by the Public Libraries network in South Australia—known as the OneCard Digital Library.

Introducing Libraries SA Digital  is divided into three sections and may be viewed either on a PC, laptop, or mobile device.


Students, graduates, members of staff and faculty are welcome to join Libraries SA Digital with a current residential address in South Australia.

Joining Libraries SA Digital is a process quite independent from signing into your Flinders Uni systems. We suggest that you join with a non-university email. This will continue when you graduate or move on from Flinders.

You will need to choose a 4 digit PIN to use with your Libraries SA Digital membership number. Joining will affiliate you with a specific public library according to your residential address. If you already have an actual physical public library card, its XO… will enable you to use the digital resources.


We want to highlight digital resources that promote leisure, wellbeing and career titles and platforms that are probably not available via the University’s collection. These are best viewed via Apps on a mobile device.

  • Libby by Overdrive (AudioBooks, eBooks, eMagazines)
  • BorrowBox (Audiobooks, eBooks, including Australian and New Zealand titles)
  • LinkedIn Learning (courses in business, technology, design, animation, photography, music, personal development and more!)
  • Road to IELTS (International English Language System. A self-study preparation course to help you prepare for the IELTS exam. Divided into the IELTS Academic test and the IELTS General Training test. Preferrable login to Road to IELTS is by using a PC.)

About South Australia’s Public Libraries

Public libraries can be found throughout metropolitan and country areas—particularly handy when you need a library close by, but all libraries are open to the South Australian public. There is free WiFi, computers and printers as well as books to borrow.

Locate a public library

Libraries SA one card app

Libraries SA have their own app which will connect you with your local library, potentially offering a broader range of digital resources. They are the best people to contact if you have questions about Libraries SA Digital.

Libraries SA for Android
Libraries SA for Apple


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