Featured Database: Currency Press

Currency Press is the newest database available through Flinders University Library and it is a leading Australian publisher of the performing arts. Currency Press includes over […]

Featured Database: Leisure Tourism

Leisure Tourism features news and articles on all aspects of tourism, as well as events, hospitality, sport, and culture. It is updated each week with new […]

Featured Database: Westlaw Australia

The major legal database Westlaw AU has recently been replaced with a new platform and is now known as Westlaw Australia.   The same comprehensive content is still […]

Database Update: Drama Online

Drama Online has been recently expanded to include over 90 new plays. In addition, the Theatre Performance and Practice Video Library has been added, which is […]

Featured Database: Oceanic Abstracts

Oceanic Abstracts is a database focused on technical literature on marine and brackish-water environments from all over the world. Subject coverage includes biological oceanography, coastal management, […]

Featured Database: LitFinder

LitFinder is a database that features a broad range of literary works from a variety of authors throughout history. The LitFinder collection contains over 130,000 full-text […]