Positions available in Australia-China Centre

The Australia-China Centre for Personal Health Technologies, based at Flinders Tonsley Campus in Adelaide, is interested in hearing from people with the skills listed below to assist us with our projects. Renumeration, duration and fraction will be negotiated based on availability and experience.


The Centre is running a project that uses a novel bioprobe to assess the concentration of important biomarkers in urine. We have a digital-camera-based prototype and are developing a photodiode-based prototype. In parallel with this, we are investigating the pre-treatment of the urine (whether by physical, chemical, or other means) to help improve the performance of the system. We are also working on statistical models to help improve the estimates created by the system.

The overall goal is the creation of a point-of-care testing device for the biomarker.

Roles can be adjusted to suit the strengths of interested applicants.


This role will focus on pre-treating the urine and unpicking the reasons behind the interference with the urine and the bioprobe.  The role will also work on how to make a consumable for using with the device.


  • Biochemistry/Chemistry
  • Experience working with urine
  • Possibly a clinical/medical background

Engineer (1)

Take newly-designed photodiode PCBs and develop a new prototype or integrate into existing prototype.
Work to develop a reference sample for the device.

Skills (desired)

  • Medical devices.
  • Optical systems.
  • Hardware/configuration.

Engineer (2)

Help design and run data-acquisition experiments.
Work on statistical models for the estimation of biomarker concentration.


  • Data science
  • Software development

Please contact angus.wallace@flinders.edu.au or carolyn.ramsey@flinders.edu.au if you are interested in these opportunities.


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