MDRI Students EMBC adventure

MDRI PhD students Tyra Lange, Rebekah O’Loughlin, Alicia Mitchell and Thomas Beltrame recently attended the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Conference in Sydney.

Tyra and Thomas have included some of their reflections below.

 Tyra Lange’s reflection

Had an amazing opportunity to share my PhD research with a global audience at the esteemed IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Conference in Sydney.

Big thanks to the fantastic Flinders crew (Thomas, Rebekah and Alicia) for making this journey an indelible experience! Beyond grateful to the Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI) for their unwavering support, making my presentation and attendance at EMBS2023 possible. Thrilled to be making meaningful contributions to the fascinating world of biomedical engineering!

Quick Thanks:

The Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI) helped fund participation in the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) international conference in Sydney, Australia. It was an honour to be able to present my scientific findings to biomedical societies from across the globe.

Thanks to the Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI) I attended the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) international conference in Sydney, Australia to present my scientific findings, grow my professional network and connect with research colleagues, medical device representatives, clinicians, doctors and patients.

About the Conference:

IEEE EMBS is the world’s largest international society of biomedical engineers. Since its first technical conference in 1960 in London, England, EMBC has provided a stage for academics, clinicians, industry, students and researchers in the biomedical engineering and the Medtech community.

Thomas Beltrame

Two Weeks Interstate

PhD Candidate Thomas had a very busy fortnight in New South Wales, presenting two posters at EMBC, and connecting with interstate academic institutions and virtual reality rehabilitation companies.

Week 1: Interstate Networking

The trip included meetings with Neuromersiv (Sydney) and RecoveryVR (Canberra) plus a full-day visit to EngageVR (Newcastle), where he presented his research and observed how VR and other technologies can be integrated into physical therapy.
Thomas also visited and met with researchers from The University of Sydney and Western Sydney University. He is making great strides in building a brand for his own research and proudly representing the MDRI while doing so.

Week 2: EMBC

After his week of networking solo, Thomas joined Karen, Jodie, Rebekah, Alicia, and co-presenter Tyra at the 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), hosted in Sydney.

Thomas’ two posters presented were reflection pieces on Mirror Therapy in Virtual Reality and Activity Monitors for Research, forming the first academic outputs of his PhD Candidature.

Thomas’ Top Takeaway

Thomas’ Top Takeaway was the importance of persistence when undertaking research, and that the translation and adoption of life-changing devices often takes years, sometimes even decades.

This was most evident through Dr Daniel Timms’ (BiVACOR) and Professor Nicholas Opie’s (Synchron) presentations on Artificial Hearts and Neuroprosthetics, respectively.


Thomas would like to express his gratitude to the MDRI for sponsoring his EMBC registration, enabling him to share his research with an international audience of biomedical engineers, researchers, and technologists.


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