ARATA Life Membership

MDRI member Dr David Hobbs has been awarded life membership with the Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association (ARATA).

Dave tells the story that on the day he started work at Novita as a young and eager Rehabilitation Engineer, many moons ago, Dr Barry Seeger put an ARATA membership form on his desk and said “you should join ARATA”. So he did. How could he say no to his boss on Day 1?

What an amazing journey unfolded! From his very first ARATA Conference in Brisbane in 2001, to becoming a Board Member from 2004-2010, to representing ARATA abroad, to co-hosting the #AATC Conference last year here in #Adelaide with Dr Iain Brown and Trina Phuah – each and every experience with and for ARATA has been rewarding and inspiring.

Dave was incredibly honoured to receive Life Membership for the organisation that is dear to his heart. Dave said he is humbled, honoured, and incredibly thankful to the tireless, dedicated and magnificent ARATA Board. He said it is hard to convey how special and touching this Award is and how much it means to him.

Well done Dave! Your passion and drive for what you do is inspiring & contagious.

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