Flinders Microscopy and Microanalysis open for business

Flinders Microscopy and Microanalysis has been formed through a joint venture between the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Medicine and Public Health, and supported by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Robert Saint.

Our facility is led by Director A/Prof Sarah Harmer and a team of multidisciplinary instrument leaders, supported by highly skilled technical staff. With instruments specialised for materials characterisation and light microscopy, Flinders Microscopy and Microanalysis is ideally suited to support the research needs of university, government, and industry in South Australia and beyond.

Flinders University is home to a unique suite of capabilities and instruments, many of which are the only of their kind in Australia or were even custom built in collaboration with scientific instrumentation companies. Many of our instruments are supported by Microscopy Australia through the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and ARC LIEF. Together the instruments allow for high resolution imaging of biological samples, materials characterisation with excellent spatial resolution. Visit our website for the full list of our instruments and their capabilities.

Flinders Microscopy and Microanalysis offers support for once-off sample analysis as well as training to enable independent use for ongoing projects. With a range of equipment suitable for a broad variety of imaging and characterisation needs, contact us at microscopy@flinders.edu.au to see how we can help you.

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