The SEM now has a unique web ID

We are excited to introduce Instrument Persistent Identifiers (Instrument PID), permanent Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) that makes it easy to reference a scientific instrument you used. This enables more accurate and faster dissemination of your research results, strengthening your publications through improved discoverability and visibility of equipment and their data published on the web. Permanent DOIs for microscopes also support the broader scientific community by facilitating the authentication of data submitted to journals, strengthening the reproducibility of experimental results, and enhancing the sharing and reuse of research data. Persistent IDs contribute to research integrity by precisely identifying the resources used to carry out research and the output that result from them.

Our FEI Inspect F50 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is officially the first of the instruments at FMMA to be assigned an Instrument DOI: 10.25957/flinders.sem. Feel free to use this DOI when uploading SEM datasets to Flinders ROADS, as well as in publications. When referencing the SEM facility in an article, you could for example use: “Scanning Electron Microscopy was performed at Flinders Microscopy and Microanalysis using an FEI Inspect F50 SEM (”.

Watch out for more Instrument PIDs coming soon!

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