Taiwanese delegation explores health education collaborations


On Wednesday (15 March) a Taiwanese delegation visited Flinders University’s College of Medicine and Public Health to explore possible collaborations in health professions education research and training. The visit provided an opportunity for the parties to reconnect and identify areas of shared interest, and potential collaborations were discussed.

The delegation travelled from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) – specifically the Chang Gung Medical Education Research Centre (CG-MERC), and Chang Gung University (CGU) in Taiwan. Chang Gung is a major chain of hospitals and teaching centres in Taiwan, and its medical education research centre has rapidly established itself as a leading centre in medical education research in Asia. CGMH has close links with Professor Lambert Schuwirth, Director of the Prideaux Discipline of Clinical Education.

The aim of the visit was to investigate possibilities for partnerships in research and training within health professions education. During the visit, Professor Jonathan Craig (CMPH VPED) and Professor Alison Jones (Dean of Education, CMPH) met with the delegation to discuss shared areas of interest and identify opportunities for collaboration. Notably, three Flinders Master of Clinical Education (coursework) alumni were in attendance, including Associate Professor Ming-Ju Hsieh, Associate Professor Yu-Che Chang, and Professor Chung-Hsien (David) Chaou.

Flinders alumni A/Prof Ming-Ju Hsieh, A/Prof Yu-Che Chang, and Prof Chung-Hsien (David) Chaou

Potential collaborations that were discussed included opportunities for joint research projects, as well as opportunities for CMPH students and faculty to participate in training and educational programs at CGMH and CGU. By working together, both parties could benefit from shared learning and expertise, leading to improved health outcomes for communities in both Taiwan and Australia.

In my opinion, international partnerships like this are critical in addressing global challenges. By collaborating across cultures and contexts, we can better understand how to develop and deliver high-quality health professions education and training“, said Associate Professor Koshila Kumar.

Overall, the visit from the Taiwanese delegation was a valuable opportunity for Flinders University’s CMPH to strengthen existing partnerships and establish new collaborations in health professions education research and training. Those in attendance and around the College look forward to seeing the positive impact of these partnerships in the years to come.

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