Living rural no longer an obstacle for Sophie

Sophie L’Estrange has always loved living rural. Having worked as an oral health professional for several years, she appreciates the challenges remote places bring. However, she recognised that these unique challenges can sometimes limit professional growth.

“Being a doctor was intriguing, but I never thought that I was smart enough or I’d have to move to the city to study. It never fit into my lifestyle or where I was at in my life stage.”

After having moved interstate and settled in Darwin, she stumbled upon the Flinders’ Doctor of Medicine program and its Indigenous Entry Stream (IES). With both programs being offered locally, Sophie did not need to uproot her family and could plan her future where she was. Furthermore, her fascination with remote health played an important role in making the decision.

“One day out in a community, I was quietly watching people flow through the doctor’s office. It struck me how people were keen to see the doctor and valuing it. That was a moment I started thinking about the IES application.”

Through the IES studies Sophie has gained new connections and got on well with other students. She has found the program supportive of her needs and has been inspired by her lecturers and their enthusiasm. If you consider getting into medicine through IES, Sophie has only one piece of advice for you:

“Just do it. If you don’t get in, it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t change anything. Any experience is good experience, even if it’s a bad experience. It’s how we learn and grow.”

Sophie L’Estrange (in the centre) with student peers Keara Mack and Kassandra Bonner-Waia (left to right)

Find out more about Flinders’ Doctor of Medicine and the Indigenous Entry Stream and how to apply to study in South Australia or the Northern Territory.

*The IES is an entry pathway for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants only. For alternative pathways to medicine please visit our dedicated webpage.


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