Nanotechnology is a fashionable area of science, interfacing all disciplines toward improving our fundamental understanding of physical phenomena and quality of life. It has redefined the way we consider technology. Generation Y have seen the processing power, as well as miniaturisation of devices improve exponentially, and find comfort in the daily use of a variety of nano-inspired devices.

Many of us Gen Y’s currently within CNST would be aware of (and own) a game called Deus Ex, where the protagonist utilises nanoinspired body augmentations to gain superhuman strength, and become a superhero, all through the power of science.

Whilst trawling through the literature I stumbled on Nanoethics, an area of social science which considers the ethical and social implications of incorporating new and emerging technologies into our everyday lives, and the effects it could have on our quality of life, both positive and negative.

Whilst we are a fair way of mimicking the ultimate tinker, inspector gadget, I found it quite interesting to give a few Nanoethical articles a read, but had to take them with a grain of salt; as the aim of some is to ‘disrupt the borders between artistic practice and research’.


Figure One: Inspector Gadget – The ultimate crime fighter. (

The question I raise to you all, as scientists, is should we be concerned?

Post by Daniel Mangos, Supervisor David Lewis

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