ASMR The Australian Society for Medical Research

By Zahrah Alhalili, Supervisor Joe Shapter

On 4th of June 2014, I attended the ASMR South Australian Scientific Meeting, hosted by The Adelaide Convention Centre. The conference presented research from the Australian health and medical sectors, this attracted researchers from different health disciplines including health science, medicine, biology, biotechnology, and nanobiotechnology. Session themes included molecular biology, clinical, cancer, nutrition and health, and cell biology. Most of the presentations were given by postgraduate students. However, the meeting started with one of the senior speakers, namely professor Julio Licinio, Deputy Director for Translational Medicine and Head, Mind and Brain Theme at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute. He presented his research results about “Leptin: from satiety to cognition”. Overall the meeting was really successful.


The ASMR is an annual national scientific conference. More information can be found at ASMR website:



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