Institute’s long-term collaborator named as finalist in SA Science Excellence and Innovation Awards 2020

The collaboration between Micro-X and the Insitute for Nanoscale Science and Technology has allowed technological acceleration of their products. Using funding from a business innovation grant (Federal Department of Innovation, Science and Technology), both researchers and students have worked to understand and improve their core technology. Being easily able to access Flinders University’s vast expertise and equipment has provided Micro-X with a better understanding of their systems and enabled refinement of the manufacturing processes. The collaboration began with Professor Joe Shapter and has continued with both Associate Professor Ingo Koeper and Professor Jamie Quinton.

Micro-X Carbon Nano Tube Project Team

Micro-X developed and commercialised the novel light-weight, mobile X-ray unit ‘Nano’, which is based on ground-breaking carbon nanotube (CNT) technology.

‘Nano’ negated the need for heavy cooling systems to be involved in x-ray scans, which resulted in a fully integrated X-ray unit weighing a fraction of traditional mobile X-ray devices currently on the market. The ‘Nano’ technology has wide applications and has been adopted in various sectors, with multiple units have been deployed globally since the onset of COVID-19 and feedback from clients overwhelmingly affirmed the ease of use and cleanability due to the streamlined light-weight design.

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