Unsung Hero of South Australian Science: Finalists

A big congratulations to Pat Vilimas for being announced as one of three finalists in the Unsung Hero Awards of South Australian Science. The awards aim to recognise those whose contributions to science have been significant over a long period but who have not yet received formal public recognition.

Pat Vilimas, from the College of Medicine and Public Health, has made an enormous contribution to medical research, a contribution defined by its excellence, altruism and longevity.

Pat has been central to several medical discoveries. For example, a University team, using innovative technology, developed new ways of making antibodies to examine the gut nervous system, and continuous innovation was required to make these experiments work. Much of this work was undertaken by Pat, who has a formidable reputation for her thoroughness, problem-solving abilities, and capacity to work through a myriad of technical roadblocks to produce data that ultimately informed researchers from across the globe on the form and function of the enteric nervous system. A further example was her research that was vital to the creation of new knowledge in the field of autonomic neuroscience. Throughout her career, she has trained, enthused and supported hundreds of students and researchers to undertake their own work.

Pat works with the Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology, through Flinders Microscopy and Microanalysis (FMMA). The FMMA encompasses instruments across both the College of Science and Engineering and the College of Medicine and Public Health. FMMA’s aim is to improve the experience and the research outcomes of Flinders staff and students who their our facility and services.

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