Alumni Celebrate 30 Years of Dietetics!

Healthy eating must work because Flinders Uni Dietetic Alumni met for their 30 year reunion at the Apothecary, Adelaide recently and they hadn’t aged a bit. Associate Professor Katrina Aminah, working in Pakistan, Maryanne Silvers (Senior Manager Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash Health), Jane Winter (Medical Affairs Manager at Nestle Health Science) and Vicki Deakin (Academic, Sports Dietitian Canberra) flew in from overseas and interstate to catch up with locals, Louisa Matwiejczyk (Flinders Uni), Annabel Sweeney (Manager of Nutrition Women’s and Children’s Health Network), Helen Morris (Academic and AOM) and Alison Carter (Private Practice).  Everyone’s commitment and enthusiasm was still the same as when we were idealistic students, which is a testament to the profession! The only missing Alumni were Carolyn Phillips and Shane Landon who was working at the City to Bay Sydney Fun Run the next day as one of the Heart Foundation’s Senior Manager.

If you have a 10th, 20th or 30th dietetic anniversary coming up, contact Louisa or Kacie and we can help you arrange a reunion or

DSC02545 - Copy
Just as enthusiastic! L-R Alison Carter, Helen Hartley, Jane Winter, Maryanne Silvers, Karina Aminah, Louisa Matwiejczyk, Annabel Sweeney, Vicki Deakin
Shane Landon 1985 - Copy
30 years ago! Shane Landon working as a new graduate in community health


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