Everything you wanted to know about our courses, now a webinar

There are always new and novel experiences to be had here at the department. One such experience was the ‘live’ webinar that was directed to prospective students. Our presenters were Louisa Matwiejczyk, Amanda Wray, Heidi Jak and graduate, Rebecca Fry.

No one was really too sure what they’d signed themselves up for. In reality, the group was positioned in front of a computer monitor with a web cam attached, in a rather cozy sized room. Some logistics were necessary in order to squeeze everybody into the frame, but before long, the camera was rolling.

There were a significant number of prospective students who were streaming live with us. The webinar went for one hour and discussed the multiple study options available at Nutrition and Dietetics and what students could expect from the courses. In addition Rebecca was able to convey her experiences as a recent student and gave some insight into job opportunities and what her fellow graduates are doing now.

This was followed by a Q&A session between all those present, addressing a range of issues. A definite benefit of the webinar was the ability to have a synchronous live chat with prospective students. The session will also be of value to those who were not able to attend, but who can watch the discussion in their own time.

The webinar will become available as a recording. It is hoped that this will answer prospective students queries and generate awareness of our courses, including the two new courses for 2017; Bachelor of Human Nutrition and Bachelor Human Nutrition/Bachelor Exercise Science.

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