Fostering Innovation through Independent Studies topic

With the ever changing landscape of dietetic practice, technologies and employment opportunities, producing innovative graduates is becoming more and more important.  Currently, the dietetic programs do not contain curriculum on innovation and with this in mind, we held a preliminary workshop on March 21st to discuss the introduction of Innovation curriculum into the programs, particularly into the Independent Studies topic (ISP).

The workshop was attended by academic staff from Nutrition and Dietetics, students and some current practitioners involved in hosting students for their Independent Studies Project and facilitated by academic staff from the New Ventures Institute at Flinders University. It was a very informative session and there was valuable discussion and feedback from those who attended. Overall, feedback was very positive regarding the introduction of innovation curriculum and that the obvious choice for introducing this was into the Independent Studies topic in final year.  Following on from the workshop, the ISP topic coordinator and other academic staff have held discussions to develop a way forward and while the plans are currently in their preliminary phase, it is envisaged that all students in the MND and BND programs will be exposed to Innovation curriculum, likely via an intensive and that the ISP topic will be where innovation will be implemented and demonstrated. Further work is now needed to redevelop the ISP topic to enable the changes.  Watch this space for further updates.

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