Update on Our New Nutrition Courses

Our first cohort of students in the new courses, Bachelor of Human Nutrition and Bachelor Human Nutrition/Bachelor Exercise Science have completed Semester 1 and are more than half way through Semester 2. They are very keen and very passionate about nutrition. In August they attended an inaugural catch-up with Dr Kathryn Jackson and Louisa Matwiejczyk (Course Coordinator) for a Q&A session and presentation on ‘Performance drinks, foods and powders: Quackery or Fact’?

Dr Jayne Barbour also attended as new staff employed to support our new courses. At the session we announced some changes for 2018. In response to industry and practitioners feedback and student interest, we will be offering specialisations within the Bachelor of Human Nutrition degree. These specialisations are emerging areas within nutrition and include Healthy Ageing and Communications and Media as well as the current nutrition study plan which is also meets the pre-requisites for students to apply to enter dietetics.

Dr Jayne Barbour and Louisa Matwiejczyk hosted a catch up for our students in the Bachelor of Human Nutrition and Bachelor of Exercise Science (Combined) programs

The Healthy Ageing electives will be taught as part of Flinders’ new Bachelor of Healthy Ageing online degree. The Media and Communications topics will be taught by our expert colleagues in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. We are very excited about offering courses which are flexible, meet the changing needs of the workforce, create a number of post-graduate opportunities for students and increase the diversity of our teaching team. Watch this space for more changes in 2018!

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