The future of nutrition science in Australia – you can help shape it

Dr Kacie Dickinson represented Flinders at the Australian Academy of Science Theo Murphy High Flyer’s Think Tank in July this Year. The aim of the annual Think Tanks is to bring together the brightest early and mid- career researchers and discuss the future of a discipline. As the AAS committee for nutrition is currently in the process of developing a decal plan for nutrition, the Think Tank this year was an ideal opportunity to have us examine field of nutrition science from four unique perspectives:

  • Critical evaluation of nutrition science
  • Key control points for healthy, equitable and sustainable food and nutrition
  • Essential goals for achieving effective solutions
  • Tools for change

The teams have worked hard over the past few months to produce five discussion papers which summarise the discussions over the three days of the Think Tank. These are now available for public consultation, so we invite you to read in detail each of the papers produces and welcome your comments and feedback on this important process with will shape the development of the Decadal Plan which will shape the agenda and future of nutrition science in Australia.

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