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Michelle Allen, Kacie Dickinson and Ivanka Prichard (2018). The Dirt on Clean Eating: A Cross Sectional Analysis of Dietary Intake, Restrained Eating and Opinions about Clean Eating among Women. Nutrients, 10(9) pp. 1266-1277. Read online at


Emily Rogers, Lucy Bell and Kaye Mehta (2018) Exploring the role of grandparents in the feeding of grandchildren aged 1-5 years, J Nutr Educ Behav (in press). Read online at


Lucy Bell, Elena Jansen, Kimberley Mallan, Anthea Magarey and Lynne Daniels (2018) Poor dietary patterns at 1-5 years of age are related to food neophobia and breastfeeding duration but not age of introduction to solids in a relatively advantaged sample, Eating Behaviors, 31; 28-34. Read online at


Brittany Johnson, Dorota Zarnowiecki, Gilly Hendrie, Chelsea Mauch, and Rebecca Golley (2018) How to reduce parental provision of unhealthy foods to 3- to 8-year-old children in the home environment? A systematic review utilizing the Behaviour Change Wheel framework, Obesity Reviews, 19 (10) pp. 1359-1370. Read online at 


Carly J. MooresJacqueline Miller, Lynne A. Daniels, Helen A. Vidgen and Anthea M. Magarey (2018) Pre–post evaluation of a weight management service for families with overweight and obese children, translated from the efficacious lifestyle intervention Parenting, Eating and Activity for Child Health (PEACH), British Journal of Nutrition. Read online at 



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