Question: How long does it take to explain a PhD? Answer: 3 minutes!!


In action! Left: Brittany Johnson; Right: Chelsea Mauch


Two of our PhD candidates in Nutrition and Dietetics recently participated in the University 3 Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition. The 3MT® involves students presenting their PhD research to a non-specialist audience in three minutes and in one PowerPoint slide, as part of the competition started by The University of Queensland in 2008.


In July, Brittany Johnson and Chelsea Mauch participated in the Flinders University 3MT Heats and both progressed to the August University Semi-Finals.


From there, Chelsea went on to win the University 3MT Final (watch Chelsea’s final here) and represented Flinders University at the Asia-Pacific Final in Brisbane in late September. Despite battling laryngitis on the day, Chelsea made it through to the Grand Final round of 10 participants, from a total of 58 finalists from across Australasia.  Congratulations, Chelsea!


Above: Chelsea Mauch at the 2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Final

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