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Charles Chiam has been accepted as one of twenty in Australia to attend the Nonviolent Interfaith Leadership Program in Victoria in April. Charles represented Oasis at the Uni Hall Philanthropy Fair, promoting volunteering among students, on March 1. He is also a regular contributor to the student newspaper Empire Times.

 Rev Dr Beatrice Panne, our Professional Skills Development Mentor, has been appointed chaplain at Eldercare in Seaford. Our next skills development workshop will focus on caring for those who have suffered trauma.

Dr Sheila James, a member of University staff working on the Sturt Campus, is our Team member and Ambassador there. She is conducting morning teas for International Women on Wednesday and Friday mornings, particularly supporting newly arrived women attending the English Language School situated at Sturt.

 Jan McClelland, a former social worker, has joined the team and is already giving valuable assistance in a Well Being Research Project (see below).

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