Skill spotlight: Career Planning


Welcome to this week’s HDR Development Bulletin,

We hope that you had a chance to review your skills and decide what development activities to prioritise over the next few months. This week we are focusing on the skill: Career Planning, which can be accessed here on the REST FLO site.

Just like the need to engage in regular skill development, career planning is another activity best approached in a consistent and ongoing way.


Career planning is multifaceted – consisting of:

  • engaging with self-reflection activities to figure out your strengths, weaknesses and preferences about what careers could work for you.
  • undertaking professional development activities to make sure you acquire the skills you need.
  • working on your personal brand presence so you can stand out in competitive job markets by making it clear how amazing and unique you are!
  • participating in networking opportunities so you can build your visibility and establish contacts that will bring you closer to achieving your career goals.


Where to start:


No matter where you are up to in your HDR Journey, now is the perfect time to start working on your career. So pick one thing to do this week – whether it is attending a Careers workshop, updating your CV or expanding your network on Linked In.


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GA3: Personal and Professional Awareness