Skill spotlight: Thesis Writing


This week we are tackling the topic: thesis writing. Resources associated with this skill can be accessed here on the REST FLO site.

Your Higher Degree by Research thesis is the assessable component of your candidature. Yet, the writing part is often pushed to the side with the intent to “get to it later.” If you find it far too easy to put off writing, you may find these past recordings about improving writing productivity helpful. You can also join the writing and writing discussion groups on our HDR Connect MS Team to build in some accountability, whilst also connecting with other HDR candidates.

Your Higher Degree by Research thesis is more than likely the biggest piece of sustained argumentative writing that you will ever produce. This means you need to identify the connections across and between the different parts of your research so you can create a cohesive and continuous story. This synthesis is a key expectation of all Higher Degree by Research degrees.

When creating your research story, you also need to be mindful of meeting and managing the expectations of your examiners. A lot of this can be achieved through your narrative, but there are also criteria set by the University. So, what is a Flinders Higher Degree by Research thesis expected to look like?

The Flinders Higher Degree by Research Thesis Rules specify the length, general structure and content of your HDR thesis. Your examiners assess your thesis against these rules, so we recommend working through these resources on structuring your thesis, as well as these examination resources so you will be prepared to meet these expectations. Beyond these policy-based rules, you should also consider disciplinary expectations. The rest is up to you – it is your original work, so let you shine through!

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