Career Planning Check in…


Welcome to this week’s HDR Development Bulletin.

Instead of covering another skill this week – its check-in time! Can you believe we covered Career Planning over a month ago? If you missed this, you can find a summary of the July Bulletins here.

In those first few Bulletins we recommended you pick something do to progress your own development…so, how did you go?

We know our 3MT Competitors have been busy working on their Research Dissemination skills while refining and practicing their presentations for this week’s 3MT Semi-final. Make sure to come along and show your support to them (further details below). But were you able to work on something other than your HDR research in the past month?

If you have been able to fit something in, well done!! Did you remember to track this activity in Inspire? If not, do it now (future you will be thankful when you are preparing your next Milestone review).

If you haven’t had a chance yet, engage in some productive procrastination and make a start! There are plenty of career preparation opportunities scheduled over the next week or so, including this ‘Planning your Research Career’ event organised by colleagues in the Research Development and Support Team.

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GA3: Personal and Professional Awareness