Skill Spotlight: Research Strategy


Welcome to this week’s HDR Development Bulletin.

This week we are tackling the topic: Research Strategy. Resources associated with this skill can be accessed here on the REST FLO site.

Your research strategy involves thinking beyond this month, this year or even beyond your current HDR project to your next steps as someone with highly developed research skills.

Do you know how to pitch yourself? Engage with stakeholders? Manage competing priorities? If you learnt about a Post-doc, fellowship, consultancy role or other dream job opportunity that you had to apply for by tomorrow… would you be ready?

This week we encourage you to pick a task that helps you work on your research strategy by building your career profile (such as creating or updating your Research Now profile or LinkedIn profile); or seeking out opportunities to present your work or grow your professional network.

To help you with the latter, here are some upcoming presenting, networking and funding opportunities you might like to consider:


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GA4: Project Management & Research Strategy