Skill Spotlight: Personal Awareness and Growth


Welcome to this week’s HDR Development Bulletin.

This week we are focusing on Personal Awareness and Growth. You can find this skill here on the REST FLO site. This skill can be approached through a number of different lenses, but ultimately it is about checking in with yourself and through this reflection, identifying opportunities to invest back into yourself through self-care and self-development.

Since it is Wellbeing Week – there are lots of things happening across the university that will help support and facilitate personal awareness and growth. We encourage you to explore the activities on offer and pick one that helps you to step outside your research brain space for a few moments.

Did you know there are also year-round wellbeing activities and resources you can tap into? Health, Counselling and Disability Services eMental Health Project Officer, Dr Gareth Furber has kindly summarised what’s on offer in this blog. Gareth also recently put a call out to see if there was any interest in running another round of the Be Well Plan (date tbc – please register your interest by emailing ‘Be Well Plan Yep’ to

Want some personalised advice? Email and we can help 😊

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GA3: Personal and Professional Awareness