Wellbeing and Performance Programs being delivered in 2023 📅

Colleagues and I are delivering a range of wellbeing and performance programs throughout 2023. This post explains what a wellbeing/ performance program is, outlines the programs that are available, when they are running and how you sign-up/join.

The teams at Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCDS) and Oasis work hard each year to put together a diverse range of wellbeing and performance-focused programs and events.

These are in addition to the healthcounsellingdisability, chaplaincy, and equal opportunity services that we already offer.

Wellbeing and performance programs are those that seek to provide you tools and resources to improve your mental health, engage in self-improvement, enhance your sense of belonging and connection, increase resilience, reduce psychological distress, make being a student more pleasurable, increase your sense of confidence and capability, improve academic outcomes, and find meaning and purpose in your studies. A given program may impact one or more of these areas.

Some of our programs are focused on your own self-development. Others, such as Mental Health First Aid are focused on giving you the knowledge, skills and opportunities to help your peers.

In a similar way to how Careers and Horizon awards provide opportunities to build career-ready skills, we deliver programs that help you build important self-development and improvement skills.

Some programs are run just a few times each year. Others are delivered continuously throughout the year.


First up we have our programs that are delivered only at selected times and to which you will have to sign-up/RSVP……..  

Be Well Plan – a 5 x 2-hour program (or 1 x 6 hour) that teaches you how to develop your own mental health and wellbeing plan. Register your interest in doing this program by emailing gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au with your FAN, student number and subject line ‘Be Well Plan’. You’ll be notified when training dates are announced. Learn more about the program here.

Studyology – a 5-session group program designed to give you the psychological tools necessary to combat common study problems like procrastination, perfectionism, low motivation and study avoidance. Learn more about the program here. To register your interest in doing this program email gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au with your FAN, student number and subject line ‘Studyology’. You’ll be notified when training dates are announced. There is also a Studyology distribution list you can join, where I send out regular procrastination and productivity related tips and resources.

Mindfulness for Academic Success – an evidence-based wellbeing program designed for university students that teaches you how to use mindfulness to: reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, stop procrastinating, communicate more effectively, study and work more efficiently (and with more enjoyment). Learn more about the program and sign up here.

Wellbeing Ambassador Program – Volunteer to lead wellbeing related events around the university and support the wellbeing of your peers. Also get dedicated wellbeing and mental health training as part of the role – https://oasis.flinders.edu.au/wellbeing-ambassador-program/

Mental Health First Aid – Current sessions for Semester 2 are full, but you can join the waiting list.

Next, we have the programs that are run throughout the year where you can join anytime……  

Flinders Mates – Student-led informal conversations connecting Australian and International students for cultural exchange, meeting new people and making friends. Dates/times to be announced soon. Check back here.

Midday Meditation – two weekly meditation sessions @ Oasis led by one of the Oasis team – https://oasis.flinders.edu.au/meditation-for-relaxation-and-stress-relief/ 🧘🏽‍♂️

Flinders Market – a community market with free and cheap food to ensure all students are well nourished – https://oasis.flinders.edu.au/flinders-community-market/ 🥑🥕🥗🥔🥒

Conversation Groups – Conversation groups are fun and informal conversation sessions led by an Oasis Chaplain on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The focus is getting students together for a chat and to check in and talk about whichever topic comes up! Great for those who are feeling a little bit socially isolated. Also a great opportunity to practice your English (if it’s your second language). The groups are for all students. Feel free to come and go during the hour – https://oasis.flinders.edu.au/conversation-groups/ 🗣

Oasis Volunteer program – improve student wellbeing by helping out the Oasis Team deliver their programs and events – https://oasis.flinders.edu.au/oasis-volunteer-program/

Prayer Rooms – prayer rooms around the different campuses – https://oasis.flinders.edu.au/prayer-room-opening-times/ 🙏


Next are resources that you can access anytime because they are digital, pre-recorded or printed……….

Good Vibes Experiment – a student-led campaign encouraging students to add wellbeing-focused activities to their everyday life – https://students.flinders.edu.au/uni-life/goodvibes – new edition Activity Books now available, order via this link – https://qualtrics.flinders.edu.au/jfe/form/SV_cwKtWWsQVWEbTFk. Learn about the tactics that you can use to foster positive mental health. Live life according to Good Vibes principles.

Self-help library – we’ve created a range of handouts on various wellbeing related topics. You can access these online, or visit us at the Student Centre, Level 3 to get hard copies. 📚

Student Health and Wellbeing Blog – you are reading it at the moment. A collection of articles on different wellbeing topics. New content added weekly.


Finally, are some programs and resources that are offered by our partners around the university that have a wellbeing/performance focus…

Learning Lounge – One-to-one advice about various aspects of study (assignments, writing, referencing, grammar, self-editing, maths) – https://students.flinders.edu.au/study-support/slc/learning-lounge.

Studiosity – draft assignment feedback and one-to-one assistance with study skills – https://students.flinders.edu.au/study-support/slc/studiosity. 

Student Learning Support Service – “provides one-to-one study support online or in-person, workshops to help you develop your academic skills, and a wide range of online study resources accessible anytime” – https://students.flinders.edu.au/support/slss

Academic Advocacy @ FUSA – Academic Advocates are available to all currently enrolled students of Flinders University and the service is free, independent and confidential.  – https://fusa.edu.au/academic-advocacy/

Financial advocacy @ FUSA – Financial Counsellors are available on campus to provide information and assistance on all things financial and can help you find ways to improve your financial situation – https://fusa.edu.au/financial-advocacy/

PSYC1108 The Psychology of Surviving and Thriving – an elective topic that focuses on evidence-based strategies that increase resilience and the successful achievement of academic, personal, and professional goals – https://www.flinders.edu.au/webapps/stusys/index.cfm/topic/main?topic=PSYC1108.

‘Like A Boss’ – video series starring Dr Lauren Butterworth that addresses all aspects of student life, with tips and tricks on how to study ‘like a boss’ – https://blogs.flinders.edu.au/student-news/category/like-a-boss/

Finding your way at Flinders 2023 – a FLO topic for first year students with a focus on helping you develop the skills to succeed.

Flinders Sport and Fitness – gym, allied health, wellness, sport and fitness services and programs – https://www.onesportandfitness.com.au/ includes their Rejuvenate Lounge!


Because dates, times and programs change, I recommend that you subscribe to the HCDS newsletter to get updates on these programs throughout the year. Once per week, you’ll get an email updating you on these programs as well as articles on related topics.

You may also find it useful to follow Oasis who are on Facebook and Instagram. They are often running stuff out of the Oasis Community Centre which they broadcast on social media.

Because the type of help you need might not be related to wellbeing, remember also to visit https://students.flinders.edu.au/support which is the central source of information about all Flinders Student Services which covers health, wellbeing, study, learning, financial support, enrolment, course information, admin, technology, careers, employment, security and international and Indigenous students. 💻

Got a question about the programs we run? Feel free to email gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au with your questions 📩

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