Let’s give this a go – a procrastination mailing list – join up

To be clear, it isn’t a mailing list for learning how to procrastinate (most people I meet are already experts at this). It is about learning to tackle procrastination. I (like many) am already an expert in avoiding stuff. If procrastination is a talent you’d like to abandon, consider joining up to our procrastination email community.

I procrastinate.

There, I said it. And now that I have, I feel so much freer!

And I run a program on tackling procrastination called Studyology!

Being embarrassed or ashamed of procrastination is wasted mental energy. Studiosity released some findings from a survey they conducted that suggested almost 80% of students claimed they struggled with procrastination in some way. The other 20% were probably lying.

Rather than admonishing oneself for avoidance, focus instead on accumulating the knowledge and tools to tackle it.

In Studyology we explore psychological tools for tackling procrastination. But that program only runs a few times per year and people can’t always allocate the 5 x 90-minute sessions necessary for attendance (although we do have some recordings of a previous instance).

So, in 2023, I kicked off something I had been thinking about for a while but not actioning (sound familiar?). I started an email distribution list (ol’ skool) of students (and staff also welcome) who wanted to learn more about tackling procrastination.

Every couple of weeks, I send out an email to those on the list that achieves one or more of the following:

  • share interesting procrastination research that I find
  • provide updates on the development of the Studyology program
  • alert you to when we might be running a live Studyology program or procrastination focused sessions
  • highlight productivity strategies that I am exploring myself (the results of my own self-experimentation)
  • feature insights from students and staff on how they are tackling their workload

Joining a distribution list is a low-cost-of-entry way to make an investment in changing your habits without having to devote a significant portion of time to doing a formal program. And I’m confident that I will share something at some point that you will find genuinely useful in tackling procrastination. Not because I am a genius, but because I will be exploring a diverse range of productivity related topics.

If you join, I won’t be bombarding you with emails. Most of us already get too many and their management probably contributes to the procrastination. Frequency will probably be around one email every 3 weeks.

The focus of the content I send will be procrastination related, but some general productivity stuff may make it in there as well. Think of it as an online community of people who are curious about how to get stuff done with fewer headaches. That would certainly describe me well.

To join simply email me (gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au) with the subject line ‘add me to studyology distribution list’ and then whatever you want to put in the body of the email.

You’ll be able to leave at any point if it is not meeting your needs.

It feels good to finally get this blog post done 😊

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