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Welcome to this week’s HDR Development Bulletin.

In this week’s HDR Development Bulletin, we are revisiting the skill ‘Thesis writing’ with a focus on increasing your awareness of writing and editing supports that are available to help you throughout your candidature.

Since all HDR journeys culminate in the submission of a thesis, your writing skills and the writing quality are a pretty important part of the process. However, the process of drafting, editing or even overcoming writing procrastination can be quite overwhelming. So take a moment to reflect on whether writing or editing is an area where you are currently feeling stuck, and consider engaging in one or more of the following supports that are available to you.

Regular writing support groups

Write Bunch: A daily meeting to connect online and write silently together in a group setting.

Daily at 10am ACDT via the HDR Connect Team.

Monthly thesis writing discussion group: A space for students to share ideas and strategies about their writing and research, and connect with their peers across the university, from different disciplines and stages of candidature.

Next session on this Thursday at 10am via the HDR Connect Team.


Regular editing support

Word – Thesis formatting and working with long documents: An A-Z workshop about preparing your thesis document.

Next session is on the 16th October, these run multiple times throughout the year.

Thesis Writing section of REST – has useful information including templates, links, past workshop recordings and videos providing guidance on how to improve your writing .

Can be accessed anytime.

Studiosity is an online learning support available to Flinders students. Drafts of up to 8,000 words can be submitted with a learning advisor providing feedback in less than 24 hours. Each student has 10 Studiosity interactions per half calendar year, that can be used to ask questions and improve your work.

Access your Studiosity account 24/7 through the Online Induction in Canvas on the left-hand side navigation page, or via the homepage of the REST FLO site.


There are also specialty sessions that run less frequently, including:

Seven steps to academic writing success: This interactive 2-part workshop exposes you to a seven-step academic writing framework that helps writers break down the writing process into manageable chunks. It will equip you with planning and editing skills that will support you to submission and beyond.

Runs twice yearly, next workshop starts the 16th October.

Imposter syndrome: The session will explain why high performing people often doubt their abilities and find it hard to enjoy their successes. It will also show the links to perfectionism and self-handicapping strategies such as procrastination, avoidance and overcommitment.

Runs once yearly, next session 19th October.

Completions Intensive workshop: designed for HDR students in their final 6 months of candidature to complete and submit their thesis. The session explores practical skills and strategies to assist the writing-up process. It also provides useful tools for editing your work, and details the Flinders University thesis submission processes and requirements.

Runs twice yearly, next session is on the 26th October.


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