Skill Spotlight: Learning and teaching


Welcome to this week’s HDR Development Bulletin.

This week we are focussing on the skill learning and teaching, with an emphasis on the idea of teachers as researchers.

Have you heard of the term Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) before? It refers to the practice of conducting research focused on the enhancement of teaching approaches and learning outcomes in higher education. It is a systematic, evidence-gathering and reflective approach that allows educators to explore the depth of student learning and make informed adjustments to their teaching that strengthen outcomes. This kind of research impacts the educator and their classroom, but it provides a platform for wider scholarly impact. It can also form part of your promotion requirements in academic jobs, whether to help you demonstrate your teaching excellence or to help build research activity in teaching-specialist roles that may not have ‘research time’ built into their workload.

If your career plans involve staying in academia in either a balanced or teaching specialist role, SoTL is a practice-led research approach that you should get familiar with. So where might you start?


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