Skill Spotlight: Candidature Management


Welcome to this week’s HDR Development Bulletin.

Back in September, we explored the topic ‘candidature management’ through the lens of familiarising yourself with HDR policies and procedures to ensure your thesis meets examiner expectations. If you missed this edition, find it linked here. This week we are exploring another angle of managing your HDR candidature – HDR progress checkpoints and supports.

We understand that research is complex and people are complex – so when you mix these two things together, challenges can arise and disruptions to your progress can occur. So, what checks are in place to support your timely completion?

Milestones are key progress checkpoints in your candidature that help create understanding about your current trajectory to completion. They are an opportunity to get feedback on your research approach, as well as raise any concerns that may impede your success. But rather than waiting until your milestones to communicate problems in your candidature, we encourage you to raise awareness earlier so we can support your progress sooner.

So, what can you do to stop challenges from becoming extended disruptions?

  • Assess the problem – do you need time, knowledge or expertise, additional resources or training, or something else?
  • Speak up – create awareness about the problem and the support you need with your supervisory team.
  • Reach out – sometimes the help you need will come from outside your research team.

So, outside of your supervisors, who can you reach out to for support?

The Office of Graduate Research Team and your College HDR Coordinator are key contacts during your candidature. However, there are several other supports available too. These include:

To help you understand more about the support on offer from each of these teams, your HDR Student partners have created an event specifically focused on HDR Supports and Advocacy. We hope you will join us there.

Date: 7 December 2023
Time: 10.00am-1.00pm
Where: Health Sciences 3.07-3.09

Join us online or in person to learn how University services can support HDRs to manage our degrees. Lunch and Snacks provided.

Register Here



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